Art Works is a program developed in partnership by the MDS Foundation and Acceleron Pharma to celebrate MDS World Awareness Day on October 25, 2020. We are inviting people living with MDS to express their experience of the disease through art and send us their artwork to be shared with the world.

If you have been diagnosed with MDS, or you are someone who cares for someone with MDS, we’d love to hear from you. It can also be a family member of someone living with MDS. You have to be a US resident to participate.

You can send us an original painting, drawing, photograph or computer-generated image. We can send you an art kit if you want to create a painting or a drawing using specific art supplies, such as watercolor, oil pastels, color pencils, or charcoal pencils.

Of course! Art Works – Visions of Life with MDS is not about artistic skills, good or bad art! It’s about expressing and sharing your personal experience of living with MDS in your own way. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert, we are encouraging you to get creative and share your personal interpretation of your MDS experience.

If you choose to send us a painting or a drawing, we’ll send you shipping details to know exactly where to send your artwork. If you choose to submit digital artwork, you’ll be able to upload it right from this website.

In order for us to receive and process your artwork, we will need to receive it by October 13th 2020. Once you have registered, we will give the exact timings for your submission, depending on the medium that you choose.

No. Art Works is not a competition. It is a celebration of life with MDS. The artwork we receive will go live on MDS World Awareness Day on October 25, 2020.

Yes. It’s absolutely free to enter. If you choose to create a painting or a drawing, we can even send you an art kit and we will cover the shipping costs to return your artwork to us. No cost to you.

We believe that you should be credited for the work that you produce, so we will publish only your name as well as the caption that you provide alongside your artwork.

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